U-Bahn Station
ein Schmetterling öffnet
einen Kindermund


ein Uguisu singt
der neue Nachbar
bin ich

Uguisu: Japanbuschsänger, auch japanische Nachtigall

Haiku heute, Juli 2016


scent of lavender
her eyes on the selfie

ihre Augen auf dem Selfie


lavender ice cream
on a smooth Hokkaido day
... no regrets

Meguro International Haiku Circle, July 2016




WHA Haiga Contest 143, June 2016, Master Haiga Artist
Haiku first published with Chrysanthenum 14, 10/2013
So excited that the following published haiku have been added to The Living Haiku Anthology.

ebb tide
unexpected finds
in my mind

NFTG  3:1, June 2011

weighing words
all the way home
crescent moon

NFTG 3:3, December 2011

the stranger speaks

Chrysanthemum  No.11, April 2012

harvest time
a child in a wheelchair
gathering light

A Hundred Gourds 2:2 March 2013
German version with Haiku heute, November 2012

sipping the light
from an orange

WHA Haiga Contest 116, January 2014
German version with Haiku heute, December 2013

longest night
balancing his words
in a brush stroke

Heron’s Nest  Volume XV1 No. 1: March 2014

swapping smiles
with a mountain monk
peach tree in bloom

Meguro International Haiku Circle, Tokyo, May 2014

autumn waves
the vacancy
inside my uterus

Chrysanthemum 16, October 2014

"... In the tradition of the adage to show not tell, the role of the LHA is to gather together in one “arboretum” works published by a wide range of editors and poets as haiku — beyond national, regional, linguistic, philosophical and theological distinctions: to become a living treasury for visitors — poets, cultural critics and lovers, alike. Our role is not to determine, direct or circumscribe the genre. By encompassing all styles and approaches to haiku we hope to provide an umbrella for the many strands of international haiku, from a global perspective, for the benefit of those able to discern those true gems assurgent in the current foment...." Dr. Richard Gilbert, The Living Haiku Anthology



A Photo-Shisan by Ramona Linke, Simone K. Busch und Bea Bareis (art). English version first published in June 2012 with A Hundred Gourds 1:3 featuring a comment by William Sorlien ("Visual Innovation in Renku Poetry")